In this digital era, we have so much to be thankful for. This includes the fact that we can do shopping online from wherever we are. However, this blessing can turn out to be a curse if we are not careful. The rise of identity theft and other series of cyber crimes calls for much caution when dealing with these. Here are some online shopping and safety tips.

Safety tips for online shopping

Shop on genuine sites


With the use of technology, there can be many sites offering both genuine and counterfeit goods. One needs to find out the genuine site. This information can be found on the reviews section of the site. If a site is genuine, there will be numerous good things to see from the site. One can also call the manufacturer of the goods to inquire which is the genuine site for them to buy goods from.

Regular review of your credit card statement

Most people do not realize strange activities on their credit cards on time. This is because most people prefer to wait for the end of the month for their statements. This should not be the case. One should always keep checking their statement. It will help them keep track of the spending from their account and compare it against the exact transactions they have done on their cards. This will help them flag down any suspicious activities from their statements, and the issue brought to the attention of the involved authorities on time before so much damage is done.

Avoid clicking on unknown links

The use of strange links is an easy way of giving access to strangers to the information on your computer. Most of these links pop up when one is shopping around. Most have become victims by clicking on these links and access given to stranger via their computers. Some have ended up installing malware on their computers thinking that they were being directed to another shopping site. It is good to be careful. Some other type of malware comes as email attachments as well.

Use of the firewall

Your computer needs protection from the installation of malware or unauthorized access by unknown means. This will necessitate the use of a firewall. It will help keep hackers at bay and any other unauthorized users to access your information and use it against you. An antivirus is also necessary to help get rid of any virus attacks that may arise from shopping from some sites.

Read the return policy for the products

ldksnvlaksdlvnksdlvknlsakdvnlksadnvasdvThe online shopping experience is a good one. However, it has got its downside. One does not get the chance to see the good before they pay. One should be careful to ensure that they are covered should they find out the product delivered is not what they wanted. Any site that does not give clear return policy should be avoided. This is because one does not have an adequate protection should the product be defective.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Never give out your details or PIN numbers to sites you do not trust. Be safe.