What are the careers in the entertainment industry? This is a question most of us ask ourselves. This is a typical question and has an answer. Most of us that are the youth and our parents are the ones who wonder whether there is a paying career in the entertainment industry. Some of us have had to quarrel with our parents to let us do music, act in movies and even do comedy.

Must we be engineers, doctors, technicians and what have you to be successful in life? This is a common question to everyone. Look at players did all of the go to school and got a degree? The answer is no. But do they earn a living? Yes, they do. It is the high time our parents let us do that which we enjoy most. If I am an actress, I can still earn my living through it without having to go to class, and still, I can do both, but it is good for us to follow our dreams first. So what are the careers in the entertainment industry?

Job opportunities in the entertainment industry

In music


The music industry is a broad one because we have songwriters, singers, dancers, music technicians, and music producers. There are even music directors, and they all earn their living from music. We have seen musicians perform live concerts and we pay to watch them perform, that is one way in which they make money. Musicians also compete, and they win a lot of cash. In general, we can say that the music industry is a paying industry just like any other entertainment industry. There are music teachers too who earn their living from teaching students everything to do with music, to start from we have musical instruments and how they are played to how one can write a song and even how to make a nice choir.

In acting

We have actors and actresses as some of the careers in acting. We also have producers who come up with the script. We do watch Hollywood, Nollywood, and even comedy. Apart from those, we do watch action movies as part of the entertainment. It is clear that some people do the work of coming up with stories and they do act them for people to watch and learn something. This explains that someone’s family depends on this and even the fancy cars that the person has are all from acting.


What is a comedy? This is a light and humorous drama with a happy ending or a comic incident or series of incidents that show funniness. Most people are turning to this industry. Comedy can be at times referred to as the laugh industry. There are comedy movies that when you watch just make you laugh endlessly. Apart from that nowadays comedians are coming up with comedy shows that people pay to watch them live and it is selling and they are making a lot of money. Apart from that, comedians make money from parties. When they are invited to a party, they get paid in return for their services.